Welcome to my world !

First blog !

Hi dear followers ,

This is my first blog . So , i kinda lack the total ‘ BLOGGER ‘ personality .But , i promise ,I will try to give my bestest !

Clearly , this isnt a  diary ! This aren’t some personal things , i dont want all to read, including people i know in real life. But nvm! So lets get started !

I think yall should know about the owner of this blog , Aarushi.

I’m a normal girl . Not too pop nor too nerd , a normal school girl .Not too nerdy nor too dumb, Not  slimy nor a wrestler. A simple and easy to understand type of girl .AND , im not toooo small to hold a blog.

Im the girl who is crazzier than u think i am , has a messy room , likes to wear pyajamas instead of jeans and plus + do everything freely without fear !

II am a type of girl who likes to read a lot . I read Nancy Drew , Famous Five and Wimpy kid .I study in one of the bestest skools in my city but i hate uniforms !

Thats all about me for now !  BE SURE TO CHECK MY NEXT BLOG @ bloggeraarushi

Till then , keep reading !