Hey my dear followers and friends,

Today , I want to discuss topic : friends

what are friends. ? Are they the people who just get to know everything about u? Are they the ones who always tell u ur mistakes ? NO

they are the people who keep ur secret things secret, ones who tell you ur mistakes without laughing at u , help u in every possible way and of course as ppl say , They never let you do silly things alone !! They bunk classes with u! They  go to the canteen with you when its only yu who has the money.
They are the second best people of ur life. All these ate charactertics of Good and Real Friends . SO if u have these ones ur lucky !! Some things may lack.

so here I tell u a secret friendship test. Check all the things I told u with ur real life friends.  If u get more than 80 percent , u pass with distinction.  If u get 70, ur friends are friends but not best friends. If u get 60 or sorry , time to hunt for new friends.  !
I am lucky I got most of them.. we keep our secrets and I promise

 I ll neva let u do silly things alone guys!!

So, be my friends, follow me and comment if u like the blog..

So, this was mostly for my real life friends who are maybe reading this blog . Also , for all my followers for being the dearest to follow me.. 

I love u all ! check my next blog : 

I hate uniforms and rules ! 


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A good day ! SUNDAY

I dont know about you , but i LOVE SUNDAYS !

SUNDAYS are full of sleep, free of study and loads of fun ! Go for shopping, watch movies ,and have fun . Also , read books ! A holiday from school and homework is the best.

I , personally , love sundays. No worries no nothing!

hey, i just found a new song ! Me too: Meghan Trainor

Just listen to it here :

Btw, the biggest things that i miss on SUNDAYS are my friends.I miss the fun @ skool. I miss sitting at last bench , secret chatting in lectures and singing songs together. We dont sing well we know , but we love songs,therefor hence, we will sing !!

Why I hate to study-

  1. I hate maths
  2. I hate physics
  3. I hate history
  4. I hate geography
  5. I hate Hindi

Why i like to study –

  1. I love ENGLISH ( All subjects include English)

Leave study ! I dont wnna waste time in talking about study !

So , what do u like to do on sundays???

Tell me your answer in comments !

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A class presentation!

A class presentation could end to a BLOG !

Last week , i had a class ppt presentation. I got selected , After all I love techno !

I chose the topic –  Social Networking

Researched a bit , found emojis , gifs , etc , Was surfing on google for a good image for my intro page . Then i got an image perfect for my page . Next to it , was . I clicked totally ACCIDENTALLY . I was one of those who never even looked at the beaten path , Just took the one which wanted wear . I made an id  instantly and wrote my first blog . I found it so interesting and here i am  !