A good day ! SUNDAY

I dont know about you , but i LOVE SUNDAYS !

SUNDAYS are full of sleep, free of study and loads of fun ! Go for shopping, watch movies ,and have fun . Also , read books ! A holiday from school and homework is the best.

I , personally , love sundays. No worries no nothing!

hey, i just found a new song ! Me too: Meghan Trainor

Just listen to it here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDRORgoZxZU

Btw, the biggest things that i miss on SUNDAYS are my friends.I miss the fun @ skool. I miss sitting at last bench , secret chatting in lectures and singing songs together. We dont sing well we know , but we love songs,therefor hence, we will sing !!

Why I hate to study-

  1. I hate maths
  2. I hate physics
  3. I hate history
  4. I hate geography
  5. I hate Hindi

Why i like to study –

  1. I love ENGLISH ( All subjects include English)

Leave study ! I dont wnna waste time in talking about study !

So , what do u like to do on sundays???

Tell me your answer in comments !

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TILL THEN, keep reading !


This is the read more portion. HERE i tell you why do I wrote this blog

I thought of writing this blog becuz i like sundays a lottt !

Yesterday was sunday and when i thought of the best day of the week , I THOUGHT OF SUNDAY!


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